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Free DIY Tutorial : Christmas Ornament / Bag Charm

Update (04/17/2916): Blue Buddha Boutique is closing its door permanently. The link to their website (below) is no longer active.
diy-christmas-ornament-bag-charm_free-tutorial_by-angelicabrigade_angelica-brigade_beads-embroidery- beadembroidery_001

Bag Charm/Ornament: Joyce @ Angelica Brigade
Nails: Illamasqua rubber finish nail varnish in Nurture



Step One:
Trace the pattern onto the stiffened felt and then cut the pattern with 1/8″ (3 mm) seam allowance

(Steps two & three: Please refer to Figure 1 for reference)
Step Two:
“Color” the design using satin stitch
Use the #5 embroidery floss with #1 embroidery needle

figure 1

figure 1

Step Three:
Bead the outline of the design using 3mm fire-polished beads
Start from the middle
Bead the edges last

Step Four:
Cut approx. 4″ of grosgrain ribbon and fold it in half
Stitch the ribbon onto the back  side of the piece
diy-christmas-ornament-bag-charm_free-tutorial_by-angelicabrigade_angelica-brigade_beads-embroidery- beadembroidery_attaching-loop

Step Five:
Lazy stitch the #11 cylinder beads on the upper part of the design
(the empty spot I marked on Figure 1)

Step Six:
Trim the excess stiffened felt
Try to match the edges of the stiffened felt with the outermost edges of the fire-polished beads
While cutting the felt, keep your scissors perpendicular to the floor
And, be careful not to cut the tread with which you beaded the piece

Step Seven
If you want to use it as a Christmas tree ornament, you might want to repeat Steps 1-3 and 5-6
and glue the identical pieces back to back
– or –
You can glue it onto a piece of felt or ultrasuede
(Note: The quality and thickness of the felt or ultrasuede matters as the glue might seep through and stain thinner fabrics)

USEFUL TIP: If you decide to glue it onto a piece of felt or ultrasuede . . . Lining the top edge of the beaded ornament with a straight edge of the felt can make the trimming process much easier

If you decide to glue it onto a piece of felt or ultrasuede
Lining the top edge of the beaded ornament with a straight edge of the felt can make the trimming process much easier

Step Seven:
Bead the outermost edge of the design using #6 round seed beads
Use clean edge finishing technique <— the technique seen in #14-17 of that page

Step Eight:
Make a bow using using 10″ grosgrain ribbon
Dab a dot of hot-melt glue on the back of the ribbon and stick it onto the design
Prewashing this ribbon can prevent it from fraying
But, if I use craft-store-bought ribbon, I usually melt its ends with candle flame
(If you decide to do the same, please proceed with caution)

Step Nine:
Using a jump ring or split ring, connect the swivel clip onto the loop of ribbon on the top part of the ornament.

Feel free to reproduce this ornament/bag charm for commercial purposes, BUT:
On your product description, please write: Original design by Joyce at www.angelica-brigade.com
Since I won’t be the person who create the piece you’ll sell in your shop . . . To avoid possible misunderstandings . . . Please use your own images to market your version(s) of this ornament/bag charm

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me by writing a comment on the reply box below. (Don’t worry if you don’t see your message on this page right away)

Alternately, you can also contact me via Facebook

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This upcoming Sunday:
Failed! And learned (a lot!!) from that failure – A misadventure in designing a hair accessory

Next Wednesday:
Free Tutorial: Christmas-Themed Hair Accessory

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Abstract Painting Inspired Nail Art

Abstract Painting Inspired Nail Art

Good or Gross?

I’m going to be working with fabric dyes, acrylic paints, & fixatives for a few weeks.

I know I’m going to be too busy to fix my nails on a daily basis.

I’m sure the dyes are going to stain my nails & the fixatives are going to texturize them.

I don’t want to look unkempt. So, I thought, may be I can camouflage them somehow. So, here’s my solution:

Abstract Painting Inspired Nail Art

Abstract Painting Inspired Nail Art

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The products I use:

Nail Polish for Abstract Painting Inspired Nail Art by joyz*k joyz of Angelica Brigade

(Left to right, starting from the top row)

  1. Nailtiques Formula 2 (as base coat and top coat)
  2. Zoya Professional Lacquer in Pinta (eggplant purple)
  3. O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in Suzi Takes the Wheel (elephant gray)
  4. Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Holland Park (bright magenta)
  5. Zoya Professional Lacquer in Posh/Mat (matte deep red)
  6. Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Rare (neon yellow)
  7. Nails Inc. Holographic Glitter Top Coat in Electric Lane (extreme glitter)

How I did it:

  1. As usual, I started by using Nailtiques nail protein as a base coat
  2. Then, I put one layer of Zoya nail polish in Pinta (eggplant purple)
  3. Then, I put one [thin] daub of O.P.I  nail polish in Suzi Takes the Wheel (elephant gray)
  4. After that, I put one or two thin daubs of neon yellow nail polish, followed by red and bright magenta
  5. Then, I put daubs of Nails Inc. Holographic Glitter Top Coat as “highlights”
  6. Finally, I finished the nail art with 2 layers of Nailtiques nail protein to make it long lasting and extra glossy.

And, of course, I waited for each layer to dry before I put another one.


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