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[[ Promo ]] Free Chainmaille Jewelry-Making Kit With Every Purchase . . . Courtesy of Blue Buddha Boutique

Update (04/17/2916): Blue Buddha Boutique is closing its door permanently. The link to their website (below) is no longer active.

Till March 2014

You can receive a FREE mini kit whenever your purchase chainmaille jewelry-making supply from Blue Buddha Boutique

They will be changing the gifts up every 2-3 weeks.

To receive your special gift, simply enter the following code during checkout: JKATUARI

Note: The photos of the chainmaille jewelry you see in this page are NOT created using the mini kits.

Any ad that might show up below this line is not endorsed by me &/or Angelica Brigade

DIY Tutorials/Design Inspirations: Chainmaille Jewelry, Lace Crown, Statement Necklace, Paper Rose, and Origami Butterfly

Update (04/17/2916): Blue Buddha Boutique is closing its door permanently. The link to their website (below) is no longer active.

Here are several jewelry-making and other DIY tutorials that caught my eyes a few weeks ago.  The end results look striking; but, none of these pieces is difficult to make.

diy tutorial blue buddha boutique chainmaille necklace chain maille jewelry chainmail jewellery

Geometric Chainmaille Bib Necklace
I love the design of this necklace. I’m planning to make one for myself.
I might use larger jump rings and modify the design a bit.
To learn how to make it, please visit Blue Buddha Boutique’s Free and Easy Jewelry Projects page


Ombre Pistachio Shells Necklace by Creme de la Craft
I don’t know how durable this necklace is, but it looks striking.
I’m considering to use painted false nails instead . . .


Glitter Lace Crown by HWTM
I want to make a taller, black, and non-glittery version of this crown.
Might look awesome on photos.

Paper Rose Prima Layout diy tutorial by stacy cohen

Paper Rose Flower tutorial by Stacy Cohen
Pretty, aren’t they?
I’m thinking about making a bigger  version of these paper roses by drawing the petals freehand instead of using the paper punches.

Butterfly Origami Tutorial

Swallowtail Butterfly Origami by Origami Spirit
Might look wonderful as hair accessory

None of these tutorials are written by me. I don't own these images either. So, if you are the owner of these images and you don't want to see them on this blog, please let me know. I wouldn't mind removing them from this page.

No advertisement that might show up below this line is endorsed by me &/or Angelica Brigade

DIY Tutorial + FREE Pattern: Beaded and Embroidered Holly Headband


(You can find the list of materials I used to create this headband at the bottom of this page)

Download the free pattern here and copy the pattern onto your beading foundation

The techniques I used to create this headband is exactly the same with the techniques I used to create the Christmas Ornament (last week’s free tutorial). For more details and step-by-step photos, please visit that blog post.


  1. Follow the above diagram and satin stitch the leaves and berries using DMC Cotton Perle #5
  2. You can satin stitch the white parts seen on the diagram . . . or . . . bead them with size #8 seed beads (I used nickle-plated seed beads).
  3. Bead the outlines using fire-polished beads in similar colors. (I like to put a few accent beads to make the piece looks more interesting).
  4. Cut the piece 1/16” (or 1.5 mm) outside of the outermost edges of the piece.
  5. Glue the piece onto either a piece of flannel or ultrasuede. Wait till the glue is completely dried.
  6. Using size #8 seed beads in similar colors, bead the edges with “clean edge finishing” (the technique seen in #14-17 of that webpage)
  7. Pass through these beads 3 or more times to make sure they won’t unravel.
  8. Attach the finished piece onto a piece of comb &/or headband.

This time, I decided to make my own headband.

  • The technique I used to create the headband: Right Angle weave. (I usually stitch through the same beads 2x)
  • Make small loops at either ends of the headband that fit the elastic or ribbon to fasten the headband with
  • The beads I used to create the main part of the headband: 4mm fire polished beads
  • I filled the gaps between the beads with size #6 seed beads



  • Pattern
  • Beading foundation: (a stiffened felt or Lacy’s Stiff Stuff)
  • DMC Cotton Perle in bright green, slightly lighter green, bright red, and dark red
  • Embroidery needle size #1
  • 3mm fire-polished beads in green and red
  • Size #8 seed beads in green and red
  • Beading thread (I use Nymo size O in green and red)
  • Beading needle size #12
  • Felt or ultrasuede
  • Glue
  • Pen, scissors


  • If you want to bead the leaves with accent colors: Size #8 nickle plated seed beads (see below)
  • If you want to make your own beadwork headband:
        • 4mm fire polished beads in green and red
        • #6 seed beads in green and red
        • Fireline 6 lbs. test in smoke
        • Elastic or ribbon


Feel free to reproduce this headband for commercial purposes, BUT:

  1. On your product description, please write: “Original design by Joyce at www.angelica-brigade.com
  2. Since I won’t be the person who create the piece you’ll sell in your shop . . . To avoid possible misunderstandings . . . Please use your own images to market your version(s) of this headband

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me by writing a comment on the reply box below. (Don’t worry if you don’t see your message on this page right away)

Alternately, you can also contact me via Facebook


Any ad that shows up below this line is not endorsed by me &/or Angelica Brigade

A Simple yet Fun ChainMaille Bracelet

Update (04/17/2916): Blue Buddha Boutique is closing its door permanently. The link to their website (below) is no longer active.

You can create this ChainMaille Bracelet in within 1 hour or less

What you need are a pair of pliers & some jump rings.

I used 16 gauge (1.6 mm) aluminum wire jump rings with 1/4″ (6.35 mm) inner diameter

You can either purchase some jump rings with 4.0 Aspect Ratio or make your own jump rings

And, if this piece is going to be your first chainmaille jewelry, learn how to open & close jump rings properly by reading my previous blog post

You can download the pdf tutorial here or follow the following tutorial (^_____^):

1. Decide your color scheme. (For first-timers: It’s easier to start with making a two-colored version of the bracelet first).

2. Open all of the jump rings in color A (in this tutorial: Red) & close all of the jump rings in color B (in this tutorial: Green)

3. Using a jump ring in color A (red), scoop 2 jump rings in color B (green)

4. Close the color A (red) jump ring

5. Hook another color A (red) jump ring onto the previous color A jump ring

6. Weave two color B jump rings (green) onto the open color A (red) jump ring

7. Close the color A (red) jump ring

8. Put the jump rings on top of your workspace and separate the color B (green)

9. Weave another color A (red) ring onto the previous color A ring right between the two color B (green) rings

10. Weave 2 Color B (green) rings onto the open Color A (red) ring; then close the Color A (red) ring.

11. To create a standard size bracelet, repeat steps 8 – 11 till you have a 7″ (17.75 cm) chain.

12. Then, find the first & the last Color A (red) rings. Use jump rings to attach a clasp onto the bracelet. Or, you can also use a ribbon instead.

And … that’s it!!!

It can make a pretty good holiday gift, don’t you think?



If you can’t find a 6.4mm cylindrical object [to coil the wire and create your jump rings], a slightly smaller or larger mandrel will do

Or, get a chance to WIN enough premium quality jump rings to create this bracelet in any 2 colors you like or an All-in-One Starter Pack.  For more details, please read my previous blog post >>> https://angelicabrigade.wordpress.com/2012/11/16/the-best-way-to-start-learning-to-create-chain-maille-jewelry-giveaway/



Credit: This chain maille weave is Shaggy Loops, invented by Shelley of Metal Designz

However, all of the jewelry & step-by-step tutorial you see in this page is created by me, @k_joyz of Angelica Brigade

Chain Maille for Beginners

Update (04/17/2916): Blue Buddha Boutique is closing its door permanently. The link to their website (below) is no longer active.

Here’s my current teaching method:

  1. I will give you the basic principles.
  2. Then, I will show you some examples.
  3. Finally, I will show you how you can use the principles to design & create your own jewelry.



What you might need:

  1. Jump rings*
  2. A pair of pliers*
  3. Wirecutters (only if you plan to make your own jump rings)
  4. Pen & Paper

[* Notes & tips at the bottom of this post. To find out which jump ring size(s) you need, please read my tutorial below ]


Wanna make your own chainmaille jewelry but not sure which where to start?

In my opinion, the first chainmaille weave you might want to master is the Japanese Weave.

It’s easy to figure out & very versatile.

It’s the only chainmaille weave I used to construct this necklace:

Angelica Brigade Handmade Chain Maille Jewelry Steampunk Brass Copper Necklace ChainMailler Jewellery Skeleton Key Tim Holtz Sprocket

The basic principle of this weave is:

2 jump rings … linked with 2 other jump rings … by 2 jump rings.

2 jump rings … linked with 2 other jump rings … by 2 jump rings

Okay, now, let’s bring it onto the next level:

The principle is still the same: 2 jump rings … linked with 2 other jump rings … by 2 jump rings

Add a few more links here & there, and this is what you might come up with:

Angelica Brigade handmade chain maille jewelry AngelicaBrigade chainmaille jewellery ring Japanese Weave

And … if you mix the the jump rings with other materials such as Swarovksi crystal oval rings, the weave is  going to look like this:

AngelicaBrigade Handmade Chain Maille Necklace Jewelry Fashion Jewelry Angelica Brigade swarovski statement necklace

If you look at the picture closely, you can see that the same principle still applies:

2 jump rings … linked with 2 other jump rings … by 2 jump rings


Now, let me show you how you can use the principle to design your own jewelry:

Start by sketching you design (in 1:1 scale) on a piece of paper. That way, you can see what jump ring size(s) you need, & how many.

One of the ways to do it is by linking them one jump ring at a time, but … if you want to finish making the piece a little faster, here’s what you might wanna do:


Scoop 2 pre-closed jump rings (shown in black) with another jump ring (shown in gold):

and then close it (the gold jump ring).


Double the gold jump ring by weaving it onto the black jump ring:

then, close that gold jump ring.


Next, weave yet another gold ring through the black rings


Weave 2 pre-closed black jump rings onto the gold jump ring (in this case, gold ring #3) before you close it.

5. Then, repeat steps 2 – 4 till you come up with the number of links you want.

Remember: 2 jump rings … linked with 2 other jump rings … with 2 jump rings

All I need to do now is to get a pair of ear wires & link the ear wires onto this handmade chain using the small jump ring I already attached on the top of this short chain.

I know, the design of this earring is not very attractive. So, let’s turn it into a necklace instead, shall we?

Simply repeat steps 2 – 4 till you have the length you want, then attach a toggle clasp at the ends of the chain using small jump rings:


If you like, you can embellish the chain with ready-made pendants or other jewelry findings.

The ones I used to create this piece are Tim Holtz‘s idea-ology World Keys and Sprocket Gears by available in JoAnn, Michaels, and (of course) Amazon.com.

Angelica Brigade handmade hair fascinator AngelicaBrigade hatinator for wedding bridal bride race racing festival party parties special occassion event lolita silk flower floral organza shantung headpiece hair fascinator unusual unique couture quality


Now, some notes on the jump rings & pliers.

If you are not sure that chainmailling is for you & don’t want to purchase some things you might never use again, you can start by making your own jump rings & borrowing a pair of flat-nose electrical pliers (not the huge ones, though) … or getting them from a hardware store with a good return policy.

Or … get a chance to WIN chainmaille starter packs [ courtesy of Blue Buddha Boutique ] via an online GIVEAWAY I will host on this blog (https://angelicabrigade.wordpress.com) this weekend (Friday, November 16, 2012). The giveaway is open to everyone (not just U.S. residents). So, please check back this Friday, or – to receive a reminder about the giveaway – please follow my blog via email.

Thanks, and have a great week~

@k_joyz of Angelica Brigade

*** UPDATE: Get a chance to WIN a jewelry-making kit or an All-in-One ChainMaille Starter Pack.  For more details, please read this blog post >>> https://angelicabrigade.wordpress.com/2012/11/16/the-best-way-to-start-learning-to-create-chain-maille-jewelry-giveaway/


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Update (04/17/2916): Blue Buddha Boutique is closing its door permanently. The link to their website (below) is no longer active.

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