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The Best Way to Start Learning to Create Chain Maille Jewelry + Giveaway

Update (04/17/2916): Blue Buddha Boutique is closing its door permanently. The links to their website (below) are no longer active.

* * * * * GIVEAWAY * * * * *

Get a chance to win a Shaggy Loops Bracelet kit in any colorway (you can choose any 2 color) you prefer by leaving me a comment on this blog post between November 18 – 21, 2012 !!!

This giveaway is open to everyone, not just US residents.

I made the bracelet in several different colors. What color combination will you choose if you make your own version of the bracelet?

The winner will be selected at random & will receive an instruction & enough jump rings to create a 7.5″ version of this bracelet from Blue Buddha Boutique.

Also, get a chance to win an All-in-One, Easy Start to Chainmaille Pack

Read on and find out what the All-in-One pack contains & how you can win it!~




* * * * * The Best Way to Start Learning to Create Chain Maille Jewelry * * * * *

We can’t create chainmaille jewelry using randomly selected jump rings.

If the jump rings you use is too small or too thick, you either can’t weave the rings through or the weave is going to be as stiff as a chopstick or a twig

On the other hand, if the rings you use are too thin or too large … the weave is going to be so loose that the links can’t hold its shape and when you wear it as jewelry, the links will definitely flop or look flattened


In the beginning, whenever I learned a new chainmaille weave, I used to need some time to figure out the ring sizes I need.

But, now, people who want to learn to create chainmaille jewelry do not need to go through a similar difficulty because – recently – Blue Buddha Boutique launched a number of chainmaille starter packs that simplify the process.

Every pack is different so you can start learning to make chainmaille jewelry by creating your favorite piece(s) & without having to purchase too many jump rings you might not need.

You can start by learning just one piece such as this one by using the All-in-One, Easy Start to Chainmaille Pack

The pack contains Euro Tool Ergo pliers coated with Tool Magic*, mini bead mat for holding your rings while you work, instructions (for right-handed & left-handed learners) and enough jump rings to create a Celtic Visions bracelet in the colorway(s) you prefer.

There are a few more exciting starter packs you might want to check out:

They can make great holiday gifts, don’t you think?

To read more &/or purchase the starter packs, please visit the following link >>> http://www.bluebuddhaboutique.com/b3/supplies/starter-packs/

To get a chance to WIN the All-in-One, Easy Start to Chainmaille Pack, simply leave a comment on the following blog post by November 28, 2012  >>> http://www.bluebuddhaboutique.com/blog/2012/11/chainmaille-starter-packs-blog-hop-giveaway/ <<<

Good luck!~


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