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Looking Back: Going Against the Stream

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You’ve read about those young successful people who thank their family for their support . . .
Well . . . I’m not one of them.

I’m not old, but I’m no longer very young. I don’t have family members who actively sabotage or stop me from achieving my goals, but they don’t support me either.

I’m not writing this to whine. What I’m trying to say is: Youth and support from family members are great but they are not the prerequisites of success.

The fact that I’m no longer very young is the very reason I should try to reach for my goals right now, before I become too old or to weak to do it.

As I said it in a previous post, I came from a (rather traditional) white-collar family. Most of them never understand why I don’t take the conventional and safe road by getting a steady administrative job. But I like to create things with my own hands [even if it takes me days to create – for example – just one intricately jeweled bracelet].

But, you know what, it makes me happy. And ever since I was a child , I always knew I want to spend the bulk of my time creating beautiful intricate things I can’t otherwise afford . . . And, I also find the act of creating things (instead of just using and consuming things) satisfying.

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I know my family members mean well . . . But, a safe yet boring life is not for me. It’s good to be safe, and it’s not like I’m not endangering my life and my future . . . With that in mind, I decided to keep on going . . . I will keep on spending hours to create the things that only exist in my imagination and bring them into reality . . .

If I don’t . . .many years from now, I’m going to regret it.

This is the last blog post I will write this year.

I’ll be back in January 5, 2014. And, by then, I can show you some of my currently-secret projects. It’s not that I’m keeping things mysterious just for the fun of it; but, my collaborators ask me not to share those projects with anyone (yet).

Wishing all of you a fantastic holiday season!

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Till then,

-joyce at Angelica Brigade


Next topic (January 5, 2014):
Dealing with doubts
Lots of photos

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2 thoughts on “Looking Back: Going Against the Stream

  1. I absolutely love your posts because of our similarities. I too have a family that is unsupportive of my artistic life and would prefer that I resort to the “steady paycheck.” I’ve been told plenty times that I’m not good enough or I’m not going to “make it,” but I persevere in spite of the naysayers (family or not). Art is my life, and I can’t fight nature, as every piece is tied to an emotion. All and all I understand and wish you the best of luck as you continue forward!

    BTW the bracelet is amazing!

    Jenee Dionne

    Posted by Jenee Dionne | December 23, 2013, 6:40 am

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