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Realization, Perseverance, Inventiveness, and Progress

Here are a few things I learned (and re-learned/re-discovered) this week . . .

After 3 weeks of low productivity (in terms of coming up with new designs) . . .
I figured out that I should never go against my natural tendencies & preferences.

  • In my efforts to grow my business (by doing market research, and by creating products that might sell well)
  • Because I thought that as a person who custom-design couture accessories & jewelry for my clients; I should be able to create whatever things my clients want
  • In my attempts to challenge myself and to avoid creative rut, (by learning to create pieces that look different from my usual designs)
  • And because I’d been too harried to evaluate things

I got sidetracked

I ended up creating a few pieces I don’t love . . .
What a waste of time, energy. and resources . . .

Finally, when I had no more energy to make more and more things (which I might not like anyway) . . .
I got that badly needed chance to evaluate my performance & (lack of) progress . . .

I love sleek, minimalistic, well-constructed, geometric, and textured designs . . .
(things with clean, non-fussy lines) . . . and thus, should focus on designing such pieces.
Forcing myself to create ornate, colorful things with organic lines will only lead me to failures and disappointments.

I’m happy to say that I finally heard from some of the modelling agencies I contacted.
I’m organizing 3 different editorial shoots and it had not been easy (you can read more about it here).

Here are some of the principles I live by:

  • Be inventive. If necessary, use (legal) unorthodox method.
    If you can’t enter through the door, try to enter from the roof (Mark 2: 1-5) . . . or dig a tunnel . . . or whatever legal method you think might work.
  • Be persistent. Read this story and you might know what I’m talking about >>> Luke 18:1-5

I’m not a Bible thumper,
And, some people might think I don’t interpret those passages carefully/methodically/etc.
But, I can’t ignore the wisdom of what those men and that widow did . . .

Have an awesome weekend!!!

-joyce @ Angelica Brigade



2 thoughts on “Realization, Perseverance, Inventiveness, and Progress

  1. I love reading your posts!
    I completely recognize all that you touch on within myself. Just remember the reason you have a clientele base has everything to do with your creativity and capabilities. I’m reminded of the music industry as many artists first work of art shows their passion and hunger. They are encouraged to keep that momentum going in the sophomore album and they begin to stray from themselves trying to make music for their fans. Unbeknown to them their fans were seeking that originality, passion and hunger that had them hooked in the first place. Your passion is strong keeping your perseverance stronger.

    Posted by jurneyjurray | July 28, 2013, 4:38 pm
    • Wow! Thanks for your thoughtful comments!
      What you said about the music industry is so true. Many artists & designers do fall into the same trap/make the same mistake. And, I – for a time – made a similar wrong move as well.
      Thanks the reminder :)

      Posted by AngelicaBrigade Joyce | July 28, 2013, 6:46 pm

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