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The Pursuit of Fulfillment

Happiness is fleeting

It’s a mere emotion, and just like every other emotion, it won’t last very long.

All it takes is just one unpleasant thing, and pfft! … there goes that happiness~


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Happiness can’t you through a rough patch

By the time we realize that we are in a bit of a jam, happiness is usually gone without a trace.

Completely inaccessible. Unattainable.

Why? Because in the back of our minds, no matter how hard we try to ignore our problems, we know that those problems are still there, silently haunting us. And, those problems will continue to haunt us until we do something about them.

Focus on knowing (and getting) the things that can fuel us instead.

Because they are the only things that can get us through difficult times …

Because they are the things that fulfill our needs and make us feel more complete

What do you need? In your heart of hearts, what do you desire?

I feel the need to create tangible things, the things I can hold in my hands. And, I want to feel that I make the world – at least – a slightly better place. I also need the companionship of my closest friends …

(But, people come & go . . . people change . . . They have their own problems to solve, their own needs to meet, and their own wishes to pursue. It’s not wise for anyone to rely or put their hopes solely on other people)

How about you?

It doesn’t matter what other people say.

What do you need to get you through the less pleasant moments in your life?

Not the things your friend/family/spouse need.

What do YOU need?

Not sure?

Step out of your (dis)comfort / familiar zone. Try new things, and keep on trying till you find your “fuel”.

And, always try to honest to yourself


Next Saturday: Changing our future


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