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This Week’s Finds: Statement Wing Earrings & Free ChainMaille Jewelry-Making Tutorial

Statement Wing Earrings for every budget: $18.00 – $4,485.00

Noor Fares Wing Earrings. The wings are made out of (carved) ebony. They are set in gold and studded with diamonds. And so, they are frigging expensive. (Please scroll down for some cheaper alternatives).

Noor Fares Wing Earrings Black Gold Brown Diamond

Image Source: ShopBAZAAR

Here’s the sterling silver & black rhodium version of the earrings which are 1380% cheaper than the ebony, gold, & diamond version.


Image Source: ShopBAZAAR

I love these silver & rhodium one. It has a tribal feel to it but also looks very contemporary.

But, wait … similar earrings are also available in Etsy for $18 (the white ones – which are made out of carved bones) & $24 (the black ones – which are made out of carved buffalo horns). To me, judging from the pictures, they look well-made.

These ones by Tribal Style, an Etsy seller with a 100% positive rating by more than 32,000 customers:

Image Source: Tribal Style via Etsy

Image Source: Tribal Style via Etsy

water buffalo tribal earrings

Image Source: Tribal Style via Etsy

Now, onto the next find: A Free ChainMaille Jewellery-Making Tutorials

Actually, there are tons of chainmaille tutorial on Deviant Art, so you might want to browse the site.

Have a great weekend!!!

See you guys on this blog in Monday.

Disclaimer: None of the photographs seen in this blog post is mine. If you own the rights to these images and do not want to see them in this blog, please contact me and I will remove those images from this site.




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