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Even though I find dark imageries visually appealing, wear black clothes almost all year round, & can be morbid at times . . . I do not consider myself goth. With my beach hair & tan, no one will consider me goth either. And since I don’t care about undead stories & don’t find false dripping blood appealing  . . . I definitely am not goth.

That said, I am a big fan of gothic-themed & gloomy photographs, artwork, & fashion which I find aesthetically pleasing, highly imaginative, & intriguing.

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Actually, I no longer try to label or categorize myself anymore. As I got older (I celebrated my 30th birthday a few years ago) I come to realize that I’m just me . . . a person . . . with personal preferences, dislikes, hopes, etc.

In fact, I believe that nobody can fit neatly into a a certain category. Not completely.

When I was younger, I needed a label or category to help me to decide what should I do, act, dress, etc. No one ever told me that identity is a fluid thing and formed by our current beliefs, likes & dislikes, habits, skills, circumstances, wishes, etc. So, it’s best for us not to think about it and focus on being honest to ourselves at all times.

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Our likes, dislikes, natural abilities, & tendencies are parts of our genetic makeup. If we happen to prefer one thing to another, it’s just because we are born that way.

Our skills are the products of our decisions & habits . . . whether or not we can discipline ourselves to develop our natural abilities.

Our beliefs, on the other hand, are tinged by our past, the kind of things we’ve been through, and – perhaps – tempered by our hopes.

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Something that makes us happy might not be he thing that makes other people (even our closest friends & families) happy. But it’s okay. Plus, there’s nothing we can do about it. Forcing ourselves to like it or telling ourselves that it should make us happy wouldn’t work. The sooner we honestly tell ourselves what we hope, like, & want . . . the sooner we’ll live a happier & peaceful lives.

I’m not saying that we have to declare it to the world (unless you want to) & force other people to acknowledge your personal wishes & preferences (because some people won’t)  . . . Personally, I believe that it’s wiser to do something that will bring us closer to our goals & wishes without hurting anyone (including ourselves) & without giving anyone a chance to block our progress.

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When I decided to take a risk to become an independent designer, most of the people I know told me that I shouldn’t bother, that I have no chance, & that I’d end up loosing valuable time, money, & energy for a hopeless endeavor. They told me that I should take a secure desk job at an established company instead.

I don’t consider myself a big success (yet). I haven’t quit my dayjob yet either. But, I’m not giving up. I love to create things. In fact, nothing fulfills me as much as creating at least one tangible thing at the end of each day.

Besides, what’s the worse that can happen if I create something that I list on Etsy? I’ll end up with owning lots of handmade jewelry & accessories I love to wear. Not so bad, right? [Now you know why most of my products are made to order. The photographed items for the listings are mine to wear].

Each of the things I create brings more happiness into my life. Creating them brings joy into my life. Bringing them into existence is a incomparably wonderful experience I would never trade with anything.

angelicabrigade handmade jewelry statement jewellery chainmaille ring cocktail ring personal style independent designer angelica brigade headpiece AG jeans damask phone case

The items you see in the picture:


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