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Friday Finds: Zoya Pixie Dust Textured Nail Laquer in Dahlia

zoya pixie dust professional nail laquer nail polish 2013 color textured nails

Zoya PixieDust in Dahlia – Textured, Matte and Sparkling . . . by my favorite nail polish manufacturer.

Compared to any other brand I tried (and I did try many of them), Zoya nail laquers lasts the longest. It dries fast, flat, & beautifully on my nails. And, unlike several other nail polish brands, the Zoya nail polishes I bought several years ago are still as good as it was the day I bought them. Plus, it doesn’t smell strongly of chemicals.

And if you care about it, it’s vegan friendly and  free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor & dibutyl phtalate (carcinogens & endocrine disruptors)

zoya nail polish spend $25 get 3 free promo coupon january 2013

Anyway, if you are into doing nail arts & located in the U.S., between January 7 – 13, if you spend $25 on Zoya.com you can get 3 bottles of nail laquers for free. But you need to pay $10 for shipping & handling~


The pictures seen in this blog post are not mine. If own the rights to these images & don’t want to see them here, simply let me know & I’ll remove those images from my blog post.




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