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Weekly Activity: Copying Important Files onto an External Hard Drive


This is one of the things I do every weekend, after I create an important document, and after I review the pictures I took at a recent photoshoot: I copy all of the the files I consider important onto an external hard drive.

I no longer rely on the ‘Backup and Restore’ function on my PC, because accidents happen.

A few years ago – when I still was a college student – my laptop’s screen completely died on me one day before I had to turn my final project in. Imagine what would have happened if I didn’t copy my important files onto an external drive . . .

There also was a time when my laptop went into an infinite reboot loop right after I ran a Windows Update & before I had a chance to create a backup file. It took me 40 hours to fix the problem by using a Windows Installation Disc to run the Command Prompt & fix the error manually.  Had I failed to fix the error, I would’ve lost the pictures from a [then] recent photoshoot. And, retaking all of those pictures would’ve been time consuming & quite tasking. So, from then on, the moment I finished reviewing the pictures from a phothoshoot, I always copy them onto my external hard drive.

Sooner or later, another [computer-related] problem will arise. And, if it happen to happen near a certain project’s deadline, I wouldn’t need to panic & go sleepless trying recreate some inaccessible (or – sometimes – obliterated) files at rapid-fire speed.



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