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About Joyce

The Life of a Small Business Owner Who Hasn’t Quit Her Day Job

How are you guys doing?

I’ve been working non-stop.

[ My day job ] + [ Creating accessories ] + [ Chores ] + [ Family obligations ] + [ Learning new things ]

reading kindle ipad inside of a moving car

To save time, I read books, write emails, & edit pictures inside of a moving car . . .


Since I opened my small business last year, I haven’t been taking care of myself so well.

I know that I don’t need to wait for the new year to come to live a healthier lifestyle.

The problem is: My task list is super long, and I’m short of time.

I just keep on telling myself, I will start exercising again once I design one more chainmaille jewelry. But, then . . . I told myself that I need to learn to create a new kind of beaded jewelry fast, so I decided stay up till morning. Naturally, I wouldn’t have enough energy to do any kind of workout the moment I return from work.

Jamie Cloud Eakin Dimensional Embroidery

Yet, no matter how exhausted I feel, I still want to create more and more jewelry . . .

It’s some sort of compulsion.

. . .

I know that I can’t keep on living this kind of lifestyle without having to suffer its naturally negative consequences . . .

So, I will make it my priority to find a realistic way to live a healthier lifestyle before the year ends.



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