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About Angelica Brigade, Our Philosophies & Methodologies

Immutable Laws

( This is a continuation of yesterday’s blog post: Toilet Paper Entrepreneur )


Here are Angelica Brigade’s Immutable Laws:

Slime-free Courtesy – Politeness. consideration, & respect (without insincerity & boot-licking) to and from everyone. We don’t deal with rude & unreasonable people.

Zero Fakery – We don’t like knock-offs & will never knock other designers’ designs off. We don’t offer fake compliments. We don’t lie to our clients. We’ll be honest but with politeness, consideration, & respect. We aim to cultivate genuine & personal connections with our clients & everyone we work with. (P.S. Enhancements are not fakes. The difference? The absence of the intention to deceive).

Maximum Effort & Quality – Excellence or nothing. If it’s not perfect, we’ll throw it away & make another one. We’ll always do the best we can & use the best materials we can source

Growth by Resourcefulness – We are here to help our clients. We’ll invent new ways to fulfill our clients’ &  collaborators’ needs. We’ll always invent new ways to surpass our best accomplishments.

What are your Immutable Laws?

( Have you read this article? >>> http://mikemichalowicz.com/what-are-your-immutable-laws/ It’s a great read~ )



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