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Lifehack (?) + Upcoming ChainMaille JewelryMaking GIVEAWAY

Growing tired to (mis-)type [and accidentally erase] tons of things onto my iPad & iPhone, I decided to connect them to my iPad’s Bluetooth keyboard.

Angelica Brigade AngelicaBrigade indie designer iPad iPod touch wireless keyboard Gucci zoo handbag pliers Brookstone gadget

It really helped!!!

It took me about 7 minutes [instead of the usual 15+ minutes] to type everything I need to type onto my CheckList App!!!

I got my bluetooth keyboard [that comes with a leather case] at Brookstone.

I didn’t expect that it’s so well-made. Plus, it can stand steadily on my lap while typing at a rapidfire pace.

AngelicaBrigade Angelica Brigade Brookstone Bluetooth Keyboard Pro Leather Case for iPad Review

Anyway, I was planning a series of blog posts, including a chainmaille kit giveaway. [I will write more about it in Monday, 11/5/2012]

AngelicaBrigade Angelica Brigade iPod Touch 5G App Checklist Check List Slick Task Lite Gucci Zoo Handbag

I used a free app called SlickTask Lite to plan my day and my upcoming blog posts. I love the app because I can add collapsible multi-level sub-tasks onto each of my task list (which I can color-code as well). I also love its simple & clean layout.

AngelicaBrigade Angelica Brigade iPod Touch 5G App Checklist Check List Slick Task Lite Gucci Zoo Handbag

It’s a 5-star free app.

Anyway, I created tons of new [and colorful!!!] chainmaille jewelry & headpieces this week. I haven’t got a chance to photograph them yet. So, check back in a few days~

Also, if you are interested to learn to make chainmaille jewelry & want to win free chainmaille jewelrymaking kit, please visit my blog next week to learn more about the giveaway.

Have a great weekend (^_______^)/

@k_joyz of AngelicaBrigade



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