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Maille, Our Philosophies & Methodologies

If you can’t conceal it, and can’t find a better substitution …

If you can’t conceal it and can’t find a better substitution either …

Then, it’s best to incorporate it into the design.


For months, I’ve been looking for high quality undrilled freshwater pearls & undrilled crystal beads I can use to replace the Swarovski crystal pearls create this chain maille necklace.

Angelica Brigade angelicabrigade handmade jewelry jewellery necklace new weave swarovski crystal pearl pearls gold silver unusual elegant glamorous captive variant weave joyz*k

The Gwynn Handmade Chain Maille & Swarovski Crystal Pearls Necklace by Angelica Brigade

I love how the Swarovski crystal beads look with the chain. The thing is . . . each of these beautiful, gleaming crystal pearl is created with 2 pin-sized drill holes on it. People who see me wearing a similar piece never notice the holes, but . . . I know they’re there . . . and if I have a choice, I’d rather use beads and crystals that have no holes (no mater how tiny) on them.


  • The drill holes serve no aesthetic nor practical purpose
  • To some people, the holes might look like product defects
  • Plus, it makes the necklace looks too home-made & less professionally-done

Some people don’t mind the drill holes a bit … but, if it is possible for me to create a drill-hole-free version of the necklace, by any means, I should. right?! (I think so . . . )

Well, unfortunately, currently, my company isn’t big enough to place custom drill-free Swarovski crystal beads & crystal pearls

So, I have to find other ways to create the Gwynn necklace without unnecessary drill holes on the beads. So …

independent designer angelica brigade angelicabrigade blog jewelrymaking jewelry making indie designer etsy seller

I decided to use hand-painted & enameled (cloissone) beads, which motif highlights the drill holes by making them to look like black dots that serve as the the focal parts of the design.

( I will make this style in several different colors )

I love how the beads make the Gywnn looks art deco


I’ll still make the crystal beads & crystal pearls version of Gwynn …

The cloissone-beads-Gwynn will merely be a (more refined) variation /option to the “style family”



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