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Maille, Working Process

Why it takes me 8 hours (or longer!!!) to create my maille jewelry

First of all, it’s because I always start by making a very long chain by weaving one jump ring at a time

angelica-brigade_work-in-progress chainmaille

After that, comes the hardest part of the process: Setting & attaching the crystals, and shaping the chain to attain the sculptural look I try to achieve. This step, alone, takes a long time to finish. I need to make sure that I attach each component on the right place and the connectors are enough to support the construction of the piece.

I find it helpful to mark the parts of the chain I plan to attach the connectors to with a (sewing) needle

The very long chain I created thus far was long enough to create the piece’s focal point. So, yes, I usually need to weave more jump rings to create the chain that encircle the wearer’s arm, or in this case, wrist.

Whenever I create an armpiece, I usually need to fit it on the wearer’s (or an arm model’s) hand.

That way I can hide the armpiece’s clasp and make the piece to look “seamless”

The smaller the rings I use, the longer it takes for me to create the piece … Because it takes me longer to create the long piece of chain I later need to shape.

But … it is easier for me to shape the piece I make using smaller rings than the bigger one. Not only that they are heavier (and thus need more structural support), the weave is usually tighter so it’s hard for me to attach the connectors, especially because I need to be careful not to scratch the chain with my pliers.

And so, a piece like this armpiece, usually takes me 2 working days to complete.

Angelica Brigade One of a Kind Rigmarole Armpiece 003






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