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~ Ada Clare ~ Psychoanalitic & Literary Approach to Accessory Design

'Ada Clare' hair fascinator, styled with 'Rigmarole /// Glorvina' maille bracelet

I named this clip after a character in Charles Dickens‘ novel: Bleak House

Actually, it’s full ‘title’ is:

Ada Clare : Burning from the Inside

Ada Clare is one of Dicken’s domestic angel kind of character: beautiful, kind, and self-sacrificing. In my opinion, she’s suffering from a Pollyanna Syndrome. She married an immature and irresponsible man who brought nothing but more suffering into her life … yet, she never complains or utters any discouraging words to anyone.

Psychologists say that negative emotion (such as anger, fear, or sadness) is warning system that tells someone that something isn’t right and that s/he needs to do something about it

Indeed, pain actually is our best friend. It tells us to not to leave our hands on top of a burning surface or inside of a pot of boiling water.

Like frogs that face their mortality because they fail to notice that the pot of warm water they are resting in is getting hotter and hotter … Ada Clare  fails (or refuse?)  to notice that her husband was heading towards a horrible end.

Ever kind, ever smiling … ever repressing her sadness, fear, and anger … she doesn’t realize that she’s burning from the inside

I can see that she’ll die a miserable woman who’s well-loved and well-remembered by those who knows her

But …

Those emotional scars she either hide or try to ignore are plain to any observer to see



-joyz*k for Angelica Brigade






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