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Custom Ruffled Green Top for an Editorial Shoot

Here is another piece I created a while ago for an editorial shoot. I love the silk organza’s color, and I wanted to create something nice with it . . . Something non-floral in every single way.

I don’t hate flowers, but I don’t particularly love them either. And, yet, most of the headpieces and dresses I’ve created so far have flower-shaped trims on them because I find them easy to make. As some sort of compromise, I make those flowers as geometric as possible. People seem to like them. So, all is good. Sort of. But, before long, creating flower-shaped trims has become some sort of a crutch. And, THAT, is not good. I really need to do something about it or I’ll stagnate. So, I challenged myself to create 3 flower-free outfits in a month. The one you see below is one of them.

Angelica Brigade Ruffled Green Organza Top

The color of the fabric makes me think of the Greek Goddess of Harvers, Demeter. And, I imagined the fabric would make a beautiful Lanvin-style Grecian-inspired dress. But . . . it wouldn’t fit with the tone of the editorial I created this top for . . . Besides, I just can’t bring myself to knock another designers works off.

So, I decided to create something that features a several of my favorite SS2016 trends: ruffles, pleats, paperbag waist, and clothing with both transparent and opaque elements. But, I still keep the reference to Demeter. Like Ancient Greek chiton (or tunic), the wearer slips this top over her head and fasten it on the waist.

It looks nearly identical on the back, and meant to be worn with something else on the bottom.

Angelica Brigade Ruffled Green Organza Top



Getting ready to up my game For a full length photos of the dress & close up photo of the claws, visit 👉 https://angelicabrigade.wordpress.com

#Repost @beautifulbizarremagazine with @repostapp.
Detail of @miuvermillion's gorgeous photograph 'The Rest' for the beautiful.bizarre curated exhibition 'aestheticism' at @vanilla_galleryjp in Tokyo Japan! | 'aestheticism' 4 - 23 April 2016
Opening Reception: 5pm, 9 April 2016
Admission 500 yen

Vanilla Gallery
TOSEI Bld.B2F, 8-10-7
Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0061 Japan #AngelicaBrigade dress & nail shields for @miuvermillion ✨ behind the scenes 😻 Now on my blog {https://angelicabrigade.wordpress.com}: A clearer photo of the dress I created for one of my photography projects (as @miuvermillion). The works are doing to be on view at a @beautifulbizarremagazine curated exhibition at @vanilla_galleryjp (Tokyo) [A distorted sneak peek]

My handmade dress & claws, in action ✨✨✨
Model: @regina_schnitzer
Hmua: @hairstylistnami 
Demi-Couturier: @angelicabrigade
Producer + Image Creator: @miuvermillion for a @beautifulbizarremagazine-curated exhibition - "Aestheticism" - at @vanilla_galleryjp #Tokyo - April 04 - 23, 2016 A throwback from 4 years ago when I was a manic chain-mailer who woven thousands of jump rings per day ... @bluebuddhaboutique, you'll deeply be missed 💚💚💚 #Repost @miuvermillion with @repostapp.
A sneak peek of one of the dresses I created for the Aestheticism group exhibition curated by @beautifulbizarremagazine at @vanilla_galleryjp (April 2016) 🐾 @angelicabrigade 👁 #VSCOcam #behindthescenes #bts #snapshot #Repost @miuvermillion with @repostapp.
For Opalus Magazine 007
Photographer + Stylist: #MiuVermillion
Model: @regina_schnitzer 
Hair & Make Up: @hairstylistnami
Swimwear: @TheMinimaleAnimale
Bracelets, Necklace, and Hair Pins: @luma_jewelsofperception 
Ring: Vx Finds
Nail Jewelry: @angelicabrigade


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