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Armored External Hard Drive, Recent Editorial Photo Shoot, Custom Made Designs, and Behind The Scene Photos

Armored External Hard Drive, Recent Editorial Photo Shoot, Custom Made Designs, and Behind The Scene Photos

It has been an extremely busy couple of months!!!

I was in New York for a bit to join Miss Aniela‘s Fashion Shoot Experience . . .

Then, I spent most of my time creating clothing, jewelry, and accessories for editorial photo shoots I personally arranged, styled, and lensed . . . and, wrote a few articles for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

I also created a few headpieces for Lindsay Adler‘s Kelby Training and Dream Shoot Rentals

angelica brigade miu vermillion work in progress sewing clothes handmade

Yes, I make clothing, too . . . Here is a work-in-progress picture I shared on Instagram a few weeks ago

Behind The Scenes - Photo Shoot - Miu Vermillion (designer, stylist, and photographer) + Nami Hasegawa (hair stylist and makeup artist) + Regina Schnitzer (model)

[Behind the Scenes] Nami Hasegawa and Regina @ Aston Models

Lindsay Adler fashion editorial photo shoot - behind the scenes photo - headpiece by Angelica Brigade

[Behind the Scenes] Lindsay Adler‘s recent editorial photo shoot, feat. Angelica Brigade’s Geomatric Headpiece. Available for rent via Dream Shoot Rentals

[Behind the Scenes] Lindsay Adler for Kelby Training, featuring a custom made headpiece I created just for this class

[Behind the Scenes] Lindsay Adler for Kelby Training, featuring a custom made headpiece I created just for this class

I shot more than a thousand photographs and retouched a few dozens of them. Soon enough, my computer is running out of disk space.

I am not great at handling fragile things . . . and so, I like everything I own to be sturdy, and if possible, armored . . .

I guess, this 2 Terabytes Rugged Armor Military Shockproof External Hardware is perfect for me, LOL!

I really like the hot pink padded hard case as well

Last week, I spent the bulk of my time editing the photos I shot in the past months . . . I’m planning to submit them to various independent magazines.

The photos I recently shot look much more elaborate than the ones I’ve shot in the past. I collaborated with numerous people who love what they do and great at doing what they love. I’m looking forward to share them with all of you very soon (-:

miu vermillion - angelica brigade blog - little things magazine - photoblog - mook - kinokuniya - muchacha achachum

On my desk: Little Things Magazine and Muchacha Achachum Time Capsule book . . . And my current work-in-progress


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Spring ...
Flowers ...
Caged flowers ...
Spikes ...
And crystals ✨ Avant garde ring +nail ornaments I created for an editorial photo shoot last summer ✨ Today, I'm trying go perfect the small details 🎶 #AngelicaBrigade #avantgarde #accessories #jewelry #jewellery - #my #life as a #demicouture independent #designer update in scribbles ✨ will share more photos soon 🎶 Krazy-Glued + Hand-Stitched with fishing wire ... Because - last time - super glue wasn't enough ✨ When it's done, I will paint the whole thing (including the fishing wire) in one identical color. A few more feet of this ... Then, a short break 😆 #my #life as an independent #demicouture #demicouture ✨ #beading #beadwork #beadembroidery #beads 📷 #iphoneonly #iphoneography #photoblog of my #workinprogress #nevergiveup I'm not a proponent of knocking at closed, locked doors especially if the people behind those doors intend to keep me out. It will only lead to long, unfruitful, and unpleasant struggles.

There are other places and other people out there; and some of them will keep their (proverbial) doors open for us and welcome us in their lives. Find those people. End the meaningless struggles. And, in the meantime, create . . .

Image by @miuvermillion
Accessories  by @angelicabrigade * * Refusing to Give Up * *
When failure is not an option, we tend to get creative & find a new and better way to do things .
So . . 
Here's my 2nd try, with a much better result ✨
(I ran out of silver embroidery threads and had to re-create the piece in a different color scheme)
Instead of using a traditional beading foundation, I used my favorite hat-making material: Fosshape 
As you see on the piece on the right, it's strong enough to hold all the beads. Unlike the previous version (the one on left), Fosshape can hold its shape, and can lie nice and flat on my workspace. Hello!
I'm back ✨ 
I've been working on many projects I can't fully share yet. But, here is one of the projects I can share right now. A piece for a beadwork contest.
* * * Starting Over * * * 
Nothing is a waste. 
This project is a FAIL. The beading foundation is not strong enough to hold the beads. And so, the piece looks floppy and warped ...
Hours of work went down the drain, but I've learned what works, what doesn't work, and a better way to approach this project.


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chainmaille jewelry making tutorial - diy - jewellery making instructions and kit by angelica brigade joyce and blue buddha boutique maille jewelry chainmail jewellery

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