Conceptual Photography by Miu Vermillion for Sugarkiss Magazine - All jewelry and accessories are by Angelica Brigade

My conceptual editorial photography for the Spring 2014 re-launch issue of Sugarkiss Magazine β€œSo! … The days have worn away, have they? . . . So unchanging was the dull old house, the yellow light in the darkened room, the faded spectre in the chair by the dressing-table glass, that I felt as if the […]

Conceptual photography by miuvermillion - Avant garde nail jewelry by angelicabrigade - editorial photoshoot for SugarKiss Magazine - twenty minutes to nine - loosely inspired by Charles Dickes' Miss Havisham

Many business and entrepreneurial experts say: We need to specialize in something. Otherwise, we’ll look like “experts of none”. But, Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin were Jacks of many trades. Yet, no one considers them “masters of none”? Granted, they probably have more talent or brain power than many others. But, in my opinion, […]

Pink, hazy, romantic editorial photography - featuring silk flowers and nail jewelry by Angelica Brigade

The photos were cropped and retouched by the magazine. You can view the original version of the photos – along with the outtakes – below:   This is the second editorial photoshoot I’ve done so far. And, this is the first time I’ve ever shot such soft-hued and hazy photographs. (My first editorial shoot – […]

mastering herringbone stitch by melinda barta

When I shop for jewelry-making books, I always look for elements-to-adapt and useful tips-and-tricks. And, these books by Melinda Barta (editor of Beadwork Magazine) has a lot of things for me to incorporate into my new designs. I rarely see jewelry-making books that are filled with projects I’d like to re-create. In many cases, the […]

geomatrix-modular-convertible-mask-and-headpiece_angelica-brigade -for-dream-shoot-rentals_03

A set of headpiece-and-mask you can style in many different ways. Please scroll down to see a few different ways I styled this 2-piece set. (In case you are wondering, you – or your model – can see through this mask) This is the first unit of the 2-piece set. It can be worn either […]

miu vermillion contemplation

“If your heart is not in it, get out of it or change it” -Sue Bryce If one’s heart is not in it, It’s impossible to give one’s all for it . . . To spend many hours doing it . . . β€œMasters are incredibly passionate and emotional people who just love to do […]

angelicabrigade demi-couture millinery tiara - kokoshnik - for dark high fashion editorial photo shoot

Here are a few snapshots of one of the headpieces I designed and created for Dream Shoot Rentals. (I took the photos in front of a few yards novelty fabric that I draped onto a garment rack. It makes quite an interesting backdrop) I like to create pieces that can be worn in several different […]


Remember the editorial photo shoot I mentioned last October? You can finally see the result(s) of our works on the February 2014 edition of Coco Bride Magazine. This is the third published editorial photo shoot I’ve directed and styled; and each project has been an immense learning experience. You can see the rest of the […]

A mix of photography and digital painting.

Jumping right in and improvising like there is no second chance. Giving every project my best efforts and keep on learning as I go. If we wait till we are prepared enough/good enough/etc, we’ll keep on delaying things. And, in the meantime, time goes by and we won’t get any younger. Waiting till we are […]

miu vermillion photography - angelica brigade headpiece - angelicabrigade demi-couture origami mask - spirit hoods shawl

(Feat. avant-garde headpieces, faux fur shawls, and a 3D-printed hand sculpture) The 29th issue of Dark Beauty Magazine is out!!! You can get your copy at I’ve produced and styled fashion editorial photo shoots before; but this is the first one I’ve personally shot. (You can find the photos on pp. 316-323 of the […]


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